25.05.2016 21:55


Concert activities of the Prague Viola Duo are often connected to other art areas, especially fine arts. Combination of music and visual art creates an unique impression and atmosphere. Denis Anfilov has been working as a restorer repairing important Prague monuments, especially marble altars in the interiors of baroque cathedrals where he also designs and creates visual artefacts. His knowledge of sacred art is embodied in abstract paintings, sculptures and installations, based on the effects of light. The Prague Viola Duo has played many concerts as a part of his exbitions and audiovisual presentation in the Czech Republic - Corpus Christi Chapel Kutná Hora (Gates of Moon - 2012), Scottish Club Prague (Circle Meditation - 2013, The Dividing Line of Worlds - 2014), Modřany Bell Tower (Illuminated Pictures and Objects – 2013, Spring Meditation - 2014, Magic Pools - 2014), Atrium Gallery Prague (Gates of Perception - 2015) where the audience could experience new and surprising dimensions of art.